Stainless Steel Hex Set Screw in 316 (A4 Marine Grade)

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Product Description

Stainless Steel Hex Set Screw in 316 (A4-70 Marine Grade) Stainless steel hex set screw, manufactured in 316 (marine grade) stainless steel.  As with all set-screws these are fully threaded.  The head is stamped with the property and grade of stainless steel used.  The stainless steel hex set screws are for general use in marine structural applications. The material designation or our stainless steel hex set screws is A4-70.  This represents a tensile strength of 700 Newtons per square mm, which is similar to a standard high-strength steel bolt, but not as high as the highest grades of steel bolt.  For a discussion on bolt material strengths please refer to our blog pages.  In general these stainless bolts are suitable general structural applications where the best resistance to corrosion and staining is needed, such as most places on boats or other marine equipment.  These stainless hex screws would commonly be used in and around boat engine bays, for boat trailers, dock equipment and many other general uses in and around your boat. In addition to these hexagon-head stainless steel set-screws, we also stock other head types so please look at our other items in our set-screw category before finalising your selection.  Use these hex head bolts in conjunction with our washers, penny washers and regular or locking nuts depending on your sailing or other marine application.  If in any doubt please do feel free to get touch with us for assistance. Set screws differ from bolts in that bolts are only partially threaded, whereas set-screws are fully threaded for versatility in application.  If you are specifically looking for bolts then please contact us to discuss your requirements. If you have a requirement for large quantity of stainless steel hexagon head set screws then please to get in tough with us as we may be able to offer you a better price for a quantity order.