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Boat Cleats (Fixed From Underneath)

Prices from £26.32  -  £212.15


Categories Cleats , Deck Fittings

  • £26.32Each

  • £47.38Pair

  • £94.74Pack of 4

  • £37.30Each

  • £70.66Pair

  • £141.31Pack of 4

  • £53.04Each

  • £106.07Pair

  • £212.15Pack of 4

Product Description

Stainless steel cleat, manufactured in 316 marine-grade stainless steel, with fixing access from underneath. These deck cleats are attached from underneath leaving an invisible bolting arrangement.  Use these cleats on deck or dock-side for mooring.  The large clearance to the deck gives plenty of space for larger diameter mooring ropes.  A stainless steel cleat of this type will also look beautiful where ever the location. View our blog article on replacing cleats for practical advice on selecting replacement cleats. These cleats are constructed from a cast base, and a tubular upper part which are welded together and then polished for a great looking finish.  In the under side of the base there are two threaded metric holes, the thread size depends on the cleat size chosen.  The grade of stainless steel used is A4 marine grade (316 stainless steel), which should ensure the maximum resistance to staining in salt-water conditions. The size and style of these deck cleats are generally suited to larger boats, or dock-side moorings.  If in any doubt please feel free to contact us for help in choosing the right cleats for your boat.  We can also help you select the right screws or bolts and washers.  In general we would recommend the use of our 316 penny-washers on the underside of the bolts or screws, and nyloc nuts to ensure that they do not loosen with vibrations.  It is also advisable to provide a good layer of sealant underneath the cleat (eg between the cleat and decking) to help ensure a robust interface and prevent water-ingress into the joint. Mooring cleats are generally used with the tradition figure of eight method where the mooring line or rope is wrapped around the cleat in a figure of eight pattern with a lock-off to prevent accidental loosening.  For best results in use please see our cleat tying guide in our blog pages section.