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Zinc Shaft Anode For Boat Prop Shafts In Salt Water, To Protect From Corrosion

Prices from £13.63  -  £59.23

  • £27.10Each

  • £48.95Pair

  • £18.94Each

  • £35.84Pair

  • £13.63Each

  • £26.27Pair

  • £13.63Each

  • £26.27Pair

  • £17.68Each

  • £33.62Pair

  • £13.63Each

  • £26.27Pair

  • £15.13Each

  • £29.03Pair

  • £22.90Each

  • £42.37Pair

  • £25.04Each

  • £45.52Pair

  • £27.54Each

  • £50.06Pair

  • £32.44Each

  • £59.23Pair

Product Description

Zinc shaft anode for boat prop shafts in salt water.  These shaft anodes are designed to fit into propeller shafts to protect your boat prop shaft and propeller from electrolytic corrosion and galvanic corrosion.  We are pleased to offer these well-made shaft anodes which come complete with stainless steel fixing screws and Nyloc locking nuts.

  • Zinc anode
  • Shaft anode
  • For salt-water corrosion protection
  • Includes stainless fixing screws
  • Includes Nyloc locking nuts