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Marine Flange Anode (Zinc)

Prices from £3.34  -  £88.57

  • £3.34Each

  • £5.39Pair

  • £9.01Pack of 4

  • £6.04Each

  • £10.13Pair

  • £18.67Pack of 4

  • £10.45Each

  • £19.48Pair

  • £36.82Pack of 4

  • £16.58Each

  • £31.66Pair

  • £58.37Pack of 4

  • £24.60Each

  • £44.88Pair

  • £88.57Pack of 4

Product Description

Marine Zinc flange anodes. These disc-shaped anodes are available in a range of diameters. Ideal for attachment to flat surfaces such as rudders and stern gear.  Zinc sacrificial anodes are a way of protecting the metallic components of your boat (particularly the ones permanently submerged in salt-water) from the destructive effects of electrolytic corrosion.  

  • Zinc material suited to salt-water
  • Prevents galvanic corrosion
  • Easy to attach through central mounting hole
  • Choice of diameters and sizes
  • Suitable for rudders to prevent corrosion