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Aluminium Shaft Anodes To Protect Your Boat From Corrosion, In Brackish Water

Prices from £10.13  -  £43.14

  • £10.13Each

  • £18.67Pair

  • £10.13Each

  • £18.67Pair

  • £10.13Each

  • £18.67Pair

  • £12.58Each

  • £23.99Pair

  • £17.78Each

  • £33.80Pair

  • £19.56Each

  • £37.19Pair

  • £22.94Each

  • £43.14Pair

Product Description

Protects from galvanic corrosionThese aluminium shaft anodes are a classic ball shaped anode and are best suited for use in brackish water.  The anode is fitted to the boat prop-shaft near to the propeller and keeps both the propeller and prop-shaft protected from the effects of electrolytic and galvanic corrosion.  The fixing bolts are made from 316-grade stainless steel, and the nuts are Nyloc locking nuts (again 316 grade).

  • Aluminium
  • Suited to use in brackish water
  • 316 grade stainless steel nut and bolts included
  • To protect your boat propeller shaft and propeller
  • Protects from electrolytic corrosion
  • Protects from galvanic corrosion