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Boat Canopy Pull-Up Cloth Fixing Stud, Nickel-Plated Brass (2 pack)

Prices from £4.78  -  £15.37


Categories Canopy Fittings

  • £4.78Each

  • £8.05Pair

  • £15.37Pack of 4

Product Description

Marine canopy cloth fixing stud, used to attach two parts of canopy together, such as boat canopy side flaps and windows. The canopy fixing stud is made from brass, and then nickel plated for a long-lasting appearance in the marine environment.

Each canopy fixing stud comes with a backing plate, the two prongs of the stud are pushed through the canvas material, then the backing plate is installed over the prongs of the stud, and then bent over to secure the stud permanently in place.

• Nickel-plated brass
• Manufactured in the UK by Holt Marine
• Sold in packs of 2