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Boat Canopy Cloth Eyelets For Pull-Up Fastening, Nickel-Plated Brass (2 pack)

Prices from £4.64  -  £14.87


Categories Canopy Fittings

  • £4.64Each

  • £7.80Pair

  • £14.87Pack of 4

Product Description

Marine canopy cloth eyelets, for securing canopies and hoods. The canopy fixing eyelets are made from brass, and then nickel plated for a long-lasting appearance in the marine environment.

These boat canopy eyelets come in two halves, which are fastened together through the canopy cloth material and then permanently bent together to form a strong anchorage. These are sold as a blister pack containing 2 sets of eyelets.

• Nickel-plated brass
• Manufactured in the UK by Holt Marine
• Sold in packs of 2
• For mounting in canopy or hood material