Waterproof Through-Deck Electrical Cable Outlet / Gland In Chrome Plated Brass

Prices from £8.81  -  £48.34

  • £8.81Each

  • £15.60Pair

  • £29.88Pack of 4

  • £9.43Each

  • £17.02Pair

  • £32.42Pack of 4

  • £13.91Each

  • £26.80Pair

  • £48.34Pack of 4

Product Description

Waterproof flanged through-deck cable outlet fittings / cable glands. These are made from brass and chrome plated. Ideal for providing a sealed outlet for electrical cables for items such as navigation equipment, lights, depths sounders, fish finders, autohelms etc. Each size of fitting comes with a tapered rubber grommet which is sealed agains the cable and fitting as it is compressed with the fitting nut. The fitting is secured to the deck or using the 3 countersunk screw holes provided (sealant should be used between the flange and the deck). This is not recommeded for submerged use.