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Flat Shackles

Prices from £2.34  -  £9.95


Categories Shackles & Swivels

  • £2.34Each

  • £3.73Pair

  • £6.14Pack of 4

  • £2.72Each

  • £4.32Pair

  • £7.21Pack of 4

  • £3.64Each

  • £5.94Pair

  • £9.95Pack of 4

Product Description

Stainless Steel Flat Shackle Stainless steel flat shackle, sometimes known as strip shackles.  These are manufactured from A4 marine grade stainless steel so will not suffer from degradation or staining in salt-water.  Shackles come in many types and sizes, the stainless steel flat shackle is mainly a light-weight version of the more common short D-shackle for use in cases where light-weight is a high priority. An typical area on a sailing boat where the flat shackle would be used is to attach the topping lift to the end of the boom, particularly on smaller boats and sailing dinghy's it is desirable to keep the mass of the boom assembly to an absolute minimum so to reduce shock loading when jibing.  

Our stainless steel flat shackle comes in metric sizes M4, M5 and M6 for larger sizes of shackle with higher load capacities please refer to the other shackles in our range. When selecting shackles please be sure to check dimensions (pin diameter, width of opening etc) to ensure that the shackle will fit with your equipment.  All of the key dimensions are displayed when you select a shackle size from the drop-down menu in the item. In critical cases consider using locking wire to prevent the possibility of accidental loosening.  

For tightening and loosening shackles you may wish to consider purchasing on of our shackle keys.  These also have a couple of other uses around the boat and can be attached to your key ring so it is always to hand. For attachment of sheets to fore-sails you may want to consider using our quick-release snap shackles.  These can be operated without the need for any tools and are also very strong.