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Stainless Steel Ball Catch, Locker Door, Cabin Door Latching in 316 (A4) Marine Grade

Prices from £17.47  -  £61.75

  • £17.47Each

  • £33.25Pair

  • £61.75Pack of 4

Product Description

Stainless Steel Ball Catch, Locker Door, Cabin Door Latching in 316 (A4) Marine Grade Stainless steel ball catch manufactured from marine grade stainless steel with a polished finish.  The spring pre-load can be adjusted to give just the right feel when closing and opening cabin or locker doors.  

These ball catches have a minimal and attractive look and ideal for holding closed cabin lockers and doors.  They are easily fitted to the inside of locker doors using self-tapping screws or wood screws. Our stainless steel ball catches can latch together in either orientation, so they can be fitted parallel as shown in the main product picture or at 90 degrees (typically the female part of the ball catch being screwed to the inside vertical surface of the locker or cupboard door and the female part of the latch being screwed to the top horizontal surface of the door frame. If these ball catches are too small for your application you might want to consider our larger door holders which are more suited to full size cabin doors and have a stronger feel when opening.

These stainless steel ball catches are manufactured from 316 (marine grade) stainless giving the best available resistance to corrosion or staining.  They are perfectly well suited to exterior marine areas subjected to salt-water spray.

Adjustment of the strength or hold of our ball catches is achieved by two screws on the female part of the latch.  These screws wind into the body of the catch to increase the spring pre-load so that you can adjust the latch to give the right level of resistance to suit the size of your door. When selecting from our range of self-tapping stainless steel screws for your catch please base the screw selection on the diameter of the fixing holes (in mm), which is shown in the product images.