Raised Slot Countersunk Set Screws, Stainless Steel (316) A4-Marine Grade

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  • £93.20Pack of 50

Product Description

Raised Slot Countersunk Set Screws in Marine Grade 316 Stainless Raised slot countersunk set screws, ideal for many areas around the boat, both above deck and below deck.  The raised slot countersunk heads are preferred in many cases for their traditional look for fitting cleats, fairleads and many other deck fittings.  The marine grade of these screws will ensure the best possible resistance against corrosion and staining in marine environments. These raised slot countersunk set screws come in standard metric threads, and are compatible with our nyloc nuts and regular nuts.  

When selecting the correct size of screw, as a general guide first look at the diameter of the fixing hole in the item to be attached, and the best size is usually the screw that just fits. eg and M6 screw in a 6.2mm diameter hole.

In all cases standard metric screws are manufactured to fit through a drilled hole of the nominal size, so for example an M5 screw will fit through a drilled 5mm hole. When selecting fixing screws please consider both the diameter of the shank, and the overall length of the screw when making your selection.  

Be sure to choose a length which will accommodate the thickness of the fitting (eg cleat, fairlead, hinge) and also the thickness of the item it is being attached to, allowing enough protruding for a washer and nut as required.  It is fairly easy to cut a bit off the end with a hack-saw if required, rather than to risk ending up with fixings that are too short.

If in doubt when choosing fixings, please do feel free to get in touch with us.  We aim to stock suitable fixings for all items that we sell, but if you spot a gap in the range then will be happy to add to the range if we can.