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Outboard Shear Pin / Propellor Shear Pins / Outboard Motor Shear Pin (2 pack)

Prices from £3.94  -  £4.86

  • £4.79Each

  • £4.84Each

  • £3.94Each

  • £4.84Each

  • £4.86Each

  • £4.82Each

  • £4.73Each

  • £4.60Each

  • £4.60Each

  • £4.60Each

Product Description

Outboard motor shear pins, made by Holt marine, sold in packs of 2. Shear pins are a safety mechanism so that if your propellor hits something hard, the pin will shear rather than damaging more expensive components of your motor and gearbox.

We have a variety of these shear pins to cover all of the common makes of outboard motor, please review the size table to see which pack you need.

• 2 per pack
• Covering all popular outboard makes
• Manufactured by Holt in the UK