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Nylon Rope Thimbles

Prices from £0.64  -  £19.43

  • £0.64Each

  • £1.19Pair

  • £3.82Pack of 10

  • £0.88Each

  • £1.61Pair

  • £4.96Pack of 10

  • £0.74Each

  • £1.37Pair

  • £4.24Pack of 10

  • £1.34Each

  • £2.27Pair

  • £6.94Pack of 10

  • £1.66Each

  • £2.69Pair

  • £8.50Pack of 10

  • £1.80Each

  • £2.92Pair

  • £9.22Pack of 10

  • £3.22Each

  • £5.18Pair

  • £18.77Pack of 10

  • £3.30Each

  • £5.33Pair

  • £19.43Pack of 10

  • £3.02Each

  • £4.84Pair

  • £17.26Pack of 10

Product Description

Nylon Rope Thimble For Splicing End Loop In Mooring Line Or Anchor Line Nylon rope thimble for forming end loops in mooring lines, anchor lines or any other line or rope that requires a permanent end loop.  Help to prolong the life of mooring lines, anchor lines or any other type of rope or line that needs a permanent loop in the end by fitting a nylon rope thimble.  Commonly these will be attached to the rope by splicing to form a permanent loop.  Attachment is then made by use of a shackle or similar fitting. These nylon rope thimbles come in a range of sizes to suit the chosen diameter of rope, please consult the size chart which can be seen by choosing the size from the drop-down menu.  For most people splicing is easiest with 3 strand rope, so please bear this in mind when selecting new ropes for mooring or anchor lines.  The are techniques which can be used for forming permanent end loops in braided ropes which are generally more advanced.  Further information is available on our blog pages. For steel wire ropes we also sell 316 stainless steel wire thimbles.  The material for rope end thimbles is a matter of choice, the stainless steel thimbles are ultimately stronger, but the nylon rope thimbles are lighter weight and might be considered more 'deck friendly' or less likely to mark or scratch fibre glass (GRP)  or wooden decking. One common use of nylon rope thimbles is to attach an anchor rope to a length of anchor chain.  The combination of a well spliced loop with the thimble provides a robust attachment which is resistant to chafing.  Of course mooring line and anchor attachments should in any case be inspected regularly though the boating season to look for signs of wear.