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Hood Frame / Bimini Mounting Bracket Incorporating Quick-Release Pin

Prices from £17.06  -  £76.99

  • £17.06Each

  • £32.52Pair

  • £60.20Pack of 4

  • £17.92Each

  • £34.06Pair

  • £63.52Pack of 4

  • £21.40Each

  • £40.07Pair

  • £76.99Pack of 4

Product Description

Made from 316 stainless steel, this bimini pivot bracket is available in 3 sizes. The two halves of the bracket clamp around the bimini or hood frame members and are secured with a fixing bolt. The bracket incorporates a quick-release pin / drop-nose pin designed to help with quick assembly or the hood or bimini frame.

• Canopy ankle terminal
• High performance Marine 316 stainless steel
• Strong, durable and corrosion resistant
• Round hole to suit 22mm, 25mm or 30mm tubing

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