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Aluminium Sacrificial Anode, Water-Drop Shape, Smooth Moulded Shape For Less Drag, 1kg

Prices from £39.19  -  £73.62

  • £39.19Each

  • £73.62Pair

Product Description

Aluminium sacrificial anode, water-drop shape.  These hull anodes have a nicely moulded low-drag shape.  The active aluminium part of the hull anode is moulded to a steel plate for bolting to the hull.  Aluminium anodes are suited to brackish water and salt-water use, to prevent the galvanic corrosion of the metallic parts of your boat.

  • Aluminium anode
  • Low-drag shape
  • For salt-water corrosion protection
  • Aluminium moulded to steel carrier bar
  • 1kg