Water Protected Bilge Pump Switch With Safety Alarm

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Product Description

Water Protected Bilge Pump Switch With Safety Alarm. Water-Protected Bilge Pump Switch.  It has an added safety alarm feature which allows the bilge pump switch to operate with two float switches for added safety (see further details).  The water-protection of this bilge pump switch panel makes it suitable for external mounting, care must be taken though to seal the interface between the switch panel and its mounting bulkhead.  The bilge pump switch comes complete with wiring diagram, fuse and fixing screws. The bilge pump switch has the facility to operate with two float switches.  The first float switch is mounted slightly higher than the pump, so that when the bilge pump switch is in  Auto mode, the bilge pump will operate when enough water has accumulated in the bilge.  The second float switch is mounted 200mm higher than the bilge pump, this is an added safety feature - if the first float switch should fail for any reason then the second float switch will operate the bilge pump and the audible alarm will sound.  Even if the switch is left in the Off position, if the water level reaches the second (higher) float switch, the bilge pump will be turned on and the alarm will be sounded. The fuse can be accessed from an easy-to-remove screw-in fitting on the front of the panel.  The switch is rated for voltages up to 15V DC.  The switch panel comes with flying leads pre-soldered to the terminals on the back of the unit for ease of installation.  Please check the detailed item pictures for overall dimensions of the housing and fixing holes, but as usual do not make any holes until you have received the unit and verified all dimensions for yourself. Please also see our other switches and switch panels, including interior switch panels before making your final selection.  If in doubt about the installation of your bilge pump of switch panel please consult a qualified marine engineer as this really is one of the safety-critical features of any boat.