Submersible Pump, Bilge Pump, Domestic Mains Power Supply Kit For Cellar Pump Operation 5.4A

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Product Description

Submersible pump mains power supply kit, to allow a boat bilge pump to be used as a domestic submersible water pump or cellar pump for dealing with domestic flood-water situations.

After being asked many times if our bilge pumps can be used in a domestic (mains powered) situation, we have put together this handy kit of parts to take care of powering your small submersible 12V pump from a 230V mains supply.

As bilge pumps sometimes do not come with long wires, we have included 4m length extension wires, and waterproof solder butt connectors to allow the bilge pump wires to be brought to a suitable point for coupling with the mains power supply.  It is important that the 230V mains power supply is kept safe and dry away from the water you are trying to pump.

  • All parts needed to powering 12V pump (up to 5.4 Amps) from mains
  • Includes extension cables
  • Includes waterproof solder-butt heat shrink connectors
  • Includes easy-to-use co-axial lead adaptor


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