Sailing Rope / Boat Rope, Polyester Braided Blue & White

Prices from £2.04  -  £31.24


Categories Rope & Lines

  • £2.04per 1 metre

  • £17.46per 10 metres

  • £3.32per 1 metre

  • £31.24per 10 metres

Product Description

Braided sailing rope / boat rope manufactured from braided polyester, coloured blue & white. Our braided sailing rope is suitable for many uses around the boat, including sheets and mooring lines as well as halyards. No minimum order, we can cut and send as much as you want.

• Braided Polyester
• Blue & White

Braided ropes are preferred by some, compared to 3-strand rope as they do not have a tendency to twist under use. Braided sailing ropes also tend to have a smoother feel in the hand than some other types of rope. Our braided sailing ropes are manufactured from polyester, which has a good resistance to UV, and a good ratio of strength to weight for many applications such as jib sheets (foresail sheets) and halyards. Many people also use braided ropes for mooring lines.