Power supply, UK Mains 230V Input, 12V DC Output, Max. 5.41 Amps Current Draw

Price £32.83

  • £32.83Each

Product Description

Power supply to take 230V UK mains input, and provide a 12V DC output, suited to items designed to run from boat or car 12V DC supplies, such as bilge pumps, lights, chargers.

These power supplies are suited to powering some of our lower capacity bilge pumps when needed for use in a domestic situation, eg to remove ground-water in cellars or other low-lying areas.  In such cases it is essential to keep the mains power supply well away from, and protected from contact with water.

  • 230V AC Input
  • 12V DC output
  • 5.41 Amps max current draw
  • Standby power draw is 0.15W
  • 0-degrees to 60-degrees C operation
  • Requires input lead (kettle lead) – not included
  • Suited to powering our lower capacity bilge pumps for use in domestic environments

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