Marine Switch Panel, 5-Gang With Twin USB Port

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Product Description

Marine Switch Panel, 5-Gang With Twin USB Port. Aluminium main plate construction. There are 5 rocker switches and a twin USB port with rubber cover. The panel also comes with a rubber gasket to seal to its mounting surface. Each switch has an individual fuse which can be changed by unscrewing its holder (which are sealed with a rubber ring seal). One of the USB ports is 2.1A and the other 1Amp, the USB sockets are also fuse-protected. Of the 5-Gangs, 3 are 5A, 2 are 2A, and one is 1A, but these can easily be re-configured by changing the fuses if necessary. The switches are illuminated with a red light to indicate when they are on. The switch panel comes with an extensie labelling kit, so your are likely to find a label to cover all eventualities on a boat.

• 5-Gang Switch Panel
• 12V
• Rubber sealing gasket
• Illuminated switches
• Fuse-protected per gang
• Splash-proof
• Extensive labelling kit