DC Jack Socket To Cable Adaptor, 12V Rating, 2.5mm Inner Diameter, For Connecting Loose Wires

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Categories Bilge Pumps , Electrical Fittings

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Product Description

Power adaptor to allow connection of loose wires to our 12V mains adaptor for powering bilge pumps and other 12V devices.  This adaptor has a 2.5mm inner diameter to allow it to connect to our 12V output transformer, which provides an easy way of connecting up to bilge pump wires. 

The current rating of this adaptor is 5A which is compatible with some of our smaller bilge pumps.  The ends of the wires to be connected are simply pushed into the two terminal connectors, making sure to get the polarity correct.

  • 12V voltage rating
  • 5A rating
  • Push lock connectors
  • Barrel inner diameter 2.5mm
  • Barrel outer diameter 10mm
  • Gender: socket