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Stainless steel pipe clips (P-clips) for mounting hoses and pipes in and around the boat.  These are manufactured with a stainless steel inner band and a protective rubber sheeve to give the best combination of strength and security.  Our stainless steel pipe clips come in a range of sizes from 5mm to 44mm covering most applications from fuel lines to waste pipes and water pipes. Use these stainless steel pipe clips to secure long hose or pipe runs to and from marine engines such as for fuel lines, water cooling lines which might be susceptible to damage or loosening from vibrations during use.  Also great to just hold pipe routes neatly and out of the way in and around bilges or engine bay compartments.  The inner stainless steel band provides a strong construction, while the protective rubber covering ensures that the band will not cut into or damage the pipe.  These pipe clips can be used to secure copper pipes, hydraulic circuits, fuel lines, water cooling pipes, waste pipes from heads units or many other uses around the boat. These are manufactured in the UK by the makers of Jubilee clips, so rest assured that the quality of these parts is second to none.  Because of their stainless steel construction, our P-clips are good for life when properly installed so there is no need to worry about corrosion and replacement.  This makes them a great choice for vintage and classic cars in addition to their primary marine use. For securing out stainless steel pipe clips, see also our range of stainless steel fixings including self-tapping screws, set-screws and nyloc nuts.  For marine use, please take care when drilling holes to secure these P-clips in bilge areas that no damage of the primary hull structure occurs.  If in doubt please get in touch with us or a qualified marine engineer.

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